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The SSL Advantage

SSL Agri-Logistics Parks are scientifically designed and equipped with modern infrastructure conforming to WDRA standards at a minimum.

Roof and side claddings of the warehouse are insulated, which helps in maintaining the temperature inside the warehouse 8° - 12° centigrade below the outside temperature. Turbo ventilators and roof monitors or ridge ventilators on the ceiling of the warehouse to control the airflow and improve aeration for better preservation of the goods stored Rodent repellents and gate curtains to prevent rodent and bird entry inside the warehouse. Fire-fighting systems with hydrants and water reservoirs (with round the clock power availability backed by emergency diesel generating set), fire extinguishers and sand buckets in appropriate numbers. One way traffic movement allowing easy movement of trucks. Directional, safety and information signage in the entire complex for disciplined and smooth movement of personnel, vehicle and materials.