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Testing & Certification (ACL)

SSL has set up its own central Analysis and Certification Laboratory (ACL) to provide testing and certification services for several parameters for various agri-commodities and non-agricultural commodities.Central ACL is ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 (NABL) certified.

We have 36 Satellite Testing and Certification laboratories located in 36 of the warehouses managed and operated by us (“Satellite ACLs”).Our Central ACL and Satellite ACLs implement standard operating procedures carried out by a team of professionals.

Our Central ACL has a Warehouse Management System based online data capturing system to capture and transmit data.

The commodities, which we can test at our Central ACL include, amongst others, wheat, barley, castor seeds, cumin seed, sesame seed, mustard, cotton seed ,cotton seed oil cake, coriander, guar seed, guar gum splits and it’s derivatives, Sugar, Minerals like Hydrated lime, Calcite, Bentonite, Zipsum, Nutrition value in all Agri commodity apart from drinking water and steel.